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Every Kids Sports is a program that helps kids play recreational sports in their local communities. Children who receive SNAP, Medicaid or WIC benefits qualify for Every Kid Sports to cover the registration fees up to $150, four times a year per child. The child needs to be between 4-18 years old.


Every Kid Sports DOES NOT support youth organizations. Therefore, parents must apply for each child individually. Every Kid Sports ask require for families to contribute a minimum of $10 to the Childs registration. Once the application is approved, The parent will receive a VISA debit card which will only be able to be used at the organization the parent applies for their child to play. Here is how it would work.


Football Registration: $150 Every Kid Sports pays $140 + Parent pays $10.

Cheer Registration: $250 Every Kid Sports pays $150 + Parent pays $100.


Parents can apply by completing the registration form. The Medicaid,SNAP, or WIC documents MUST have the child’s name and effective date within the last 12 months. The benefits card will be denied for missing information.

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